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NUMO d.o.o.
Dunajska 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


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Full Member of Technology Park Ljubljana Full Member of Technology Park Ljubljana

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Emotional raging


When teamed fantasy, playfulness, innovation and technical perfection occurs NUMO. NUMO is a fantasy; a word that comes from fictional language. The emotional raging. A new look, a new race, a new way.

We are a small but powerful team, which combines all of the above. Fantasy, playfulness in the formation of ideas, concepts, innovative and multi-faceted approach and technical expertise for the project. Communication, which is layered.
Solutions for the future.

Multidisciplined environment with an emphasis on 3D animation, web design, web games, with classic designing printed materials, creations campaigns, execution of events; all of this is our fantasy. Assistance in setting up the visibility and promotion of individuals, companies, agencies; this is our signature.